Mayfair Chalk Colour

Mayfair Chalk Colour


Devine Elegance chalk colours create distressed and elegant effects to give furniture a French-inspired look without the price tag.

One litre will cover 14-16m2. Brushes clean up in cold water.



Devine Elegance Chalk Paint

  1. Clean surface thoroughly before application
  2. No sealing or sanding is necessary
  3. Stir paint thoroughly before use
  4. One litre will cover 14-16m2
  5. Most furniture requires 2 coats
  6. Leave 20 minutes of drying time between each coat
  7. Use sandpaper to give the paint a light sand
  8. Once completely dry, apply Devine Elegance Natural Wax to seal and protect your piece
  9. For an antique look, apply Devine Elegance Antique Black Wax or Magic Mud
  10. Clean brushes with cold water

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